Le nouveau trailer de Sanctuary est un jeu de chat et de souris perturbant.


Greetings, dear readers! Today we bring you exciting news about the upcoming dark comedy film ‘Sanctuary’ and its highly anticipated first trailer. Yesterday, a teaser had been released, leaving fans in suspense, but the official trailer does not disappoint.


‘Sanctuary’ made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, and it features Margaret Qualley and Christopher Abbott, both incredibly talented actors. The film was directed by Zachary Wigon, and it is his second feature.

The film follows the story of Hal, played by Abbott, who has inherited his father’s hotel chain. Hal is in a long and secret relationship with Rebecca, played by Qualley. Hal tries to end the relationship, but this only leads to a battle of wills between the two that escalates over one fateful night, with power dynamics swinging back and forth.


The new trailer cleverly showcases the tense game of power dynamics between the two characters. It features safe words, hidden cameras, and shocking betrayals, all done with the perfect balance of dark humor and suspense.


We hope you are as excited as we are for the release of ‘Sanctuary.’ The film’s promising cast and unique premise already have us on the edge of our seats. ‘Sanctuary’ is set to be released soon, so stay tuned for more updates.

Sources: IMDb, TIFF.

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