Connor Roy est le véritable cœur de Succession.


For four seasons, HBO’s Succession has captivated audiences with its portrayal of the Roy family’s ruthless power struggles as they vie for control of their media empire. While most of the attention has been on the three younger siblings, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman, there is one character who has been overlooked: Connor Roy, the eldest son.

Connor, played by Alan Ruck, is often an afterthought for the family. He is viewed as the goofy one and is frequently ignored by his half-siblings and father. However, his character highlights the main theme of the show: the eldest son, who is irrelevant.

Despite being the oldest, Connor is not in the race to replace his father, Logan Roy. He is not given any important tasks, and he even has to remind his half-siblings that he is, in fact, the oldest son in the season three finale. Connor’s neglect by his family is so severe that they don’t think to inform him of his father’s potential death until 15 minutes into his own wedding day.

Connor’s portrayal by Ruck is heart-wrenching, as he struggles to come to terms with his father’s possible passing. He is the only child who seems to be aware that remaining under his father’s control is a trap, and he serves as a warning to his younger siblings. If they step out of Logan’s orbit, they risk becoming as irrelevant and unloved as Connor.

Despite the lack of affection from his family, Connor is the one who desperately wants a real family. His Austerlitz ranch in New Mexico is the setting for a failed family therapy session, where Connor’s disappointment in his siblings and father’s lack of interest in therapy is palpable.

While Connor’s character mostly provides comedic relief, Ruck’s portrayal manages to convey pathos even through the jokes. He is more absurd than his siblings, but also more human and kinder. It takes a brilliant actor like Ruck to pull off such a nuanced portrayal of an overlooked character.

In conclusion, while Succession’s three younger siblings may dominate the narrative, it is the neglected eldest son who highlights the show’s central theme. Connor Roy’s portrayal by Alan Ruck is a testament to his acting skills and provides a much-needed dimension to the show’s complex family dynamics.


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