Netflix annule la partie “en direct” de son Love is Blind spécial de retrouvailles.


On Sunday evening, Netflix faced significant technical difficulties with its second live event, Love is Blind: The Live Reunion. The much-awaited streaming session failed to start at the planned 8 PM showtime, leading to major frustration from viewers on social media. Netflix acknowledged the problem on Twitter soon after and promised to kick off the presentation within 15 minutes.

However, over an hour later, subscribers were still encountering error screens while trying to watch the event. Frustrated viewers flooded social media with complaints and a series of memes. Eventually, at around 9:30 PM ET, Netflix issued a public apology, assuring viewers that the special would still be filmed and made available on the platform promptly, even though it wouldn’t be live anymore due to technical mishaps.


The Love is Blind reunion became a far rockier experience for viewers than Netflix’s earlier Chris Rock comedy special that aired in March this year. With the delay extending way into the 9 PM ET hour, Netflix risked losing many viewers to HBO’s Succession. As expected, the company faced an avalanche of complaints and mockery on social media due to the unexpected postponement.


Suffering such a lengthy delay just two events into their regular program is an embarrassment for Netflix. The company has frequently pledged to provide live programming, including comedy specials and award shows, to sway subscribers towards their platform and fend off streaming rivals. However, Sunday’s incident has set the company’s progress back, and it’ll take a while for them to regain the audience’s trust and loyalty.

In conclusion, Netflix’s ambition to bring live programming to its platform has hit a significant snag with the technical glitches suffered in their Love is Blind reunion. It remains to be seen how the company will recover from this blow to their efforts, but it’s imperative that they take necessary steps to prevent such incidents from happening in future live events.

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