Diablo IV prévoit une troisième beta surprise.


Hello, gamers! Exciting news for all Diablo fans out there! Diablo IV, the highly anticipated action role-playing game, is getting one more beta test before its official launch in June. During the recent D4 livestream event, the developers confirmed that they’ll be holding a third beta.

Dubbed the “Server Slam,” this beta will take place from May 12th to 14th and its main objective is to test server durability by having as many players as possible log in. Progress made during previous betas will not carry over to this one, nor will it carry over to the live game, so participants will have to start from scratch.

All classes will be available again, the level cap is still 20, and the beta covers the same content from before. However, players who manage to take down the world boss, Ashava, can earn some unique, and dare we say it, amazing horse armor.

This beta will feature updates and tweaks based on feedback from the first two betas, so expect some differences in your classes this time around.

You can check out all the Server Slam beta details in the Blizzard official website.


In what some may consider a questionable move, the upcoming beta test will be scheduled for the same weekend that another highly anticipated game, Tears of the Kingdom, is set to launch. While the goal of the beta test is to maximize player participation, scheduling it on the same weekend may not be in the best interest of the game.

However, it’s all up to the fans’ preferences. After all, ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ might be for fans looking for some adventure, while Diablo IV might be a game for fans who enjoy slaying demons for days on end.

That being said, fans of the Diablo franchise can’t wait for the Server Slam beta test, and they are looking forward to discovering what other improvements have been made for the game. Let’s prepare the armor and the weapons, and get ready for some exciting adventures in Diablo IV.

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