Le concert d’anniversaire des Game Awards proposera de la musique de Hades, Elden Ring et bien d’autres.


Welcome, gaming enthusiasts! On June 25th, 2023, we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of The Game Awards with a music concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Our show producer, Geoff Keighley, promises an unforgettable night featuring iconic game music selections.


This concert won’t feature typical music artists. Instead, it will showcase the musical stylings of 12 games, including past game of the year winners like The Last of Us, Final Fantasy XVI, and Starfield. Fans of games like Hades, Elden Ring, God of War, and League of Legends’ Arcane can expect to hear their favorite soundtracks too.

However, Keighley’s decision to feature music from Hogwarts Legacy has caused controversy due to J.K. Rowling’s transphobic remarks. Nevertheless, due to the game’s massive financial success, Keighley believes it’s too big to ignore.


Similar to The Game Awards, this concert may feature musical guests accompanying the orchestra, similar to Bear McCreary’s God of War Ragnarök performance last year. Fans are excited to know if “Flute Guy,” Pedro Eustache, will return from last year’s Game Awards performance.

You can grab your tickets for The Game Awards’ 10-year anniversary concert here.

That’s all for now, folks. Get ready for an unforgettable night of game music celebration!

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