Tous mes jeux préférés cette année sont vieux.


Are you finding yourself replaying classic games from your childhood? You’re not alone. The gaming industry is in the midst of a nostalgia craze, with remakes, rereleases, and retro collections flooding the market. And it’s not just the old favorites; classic games from yesteryear are being reimagined for modern audiences.

## Quantity and Quality

What sets this trend apart is the sheer volume of these classic releases. Two of the biggest blockbusters this year, “Dead Space” and “Resident Evil 4,” are remakes of titles from over a decade ago. However, the graphic enhancements of these remakes make them look right at home among modern big-budget releases.

## Simple Pleasures

These nostalgic games have a unique appeal. They harken back to a simpler time when games had a clear beginning, middle, and end. Unlike today’s open world, endless quest formats, nostalgia games offer a complete journey that you play from start to finish. “Resident Evil” and “Final Fantasy” offer distinct experiences, but they both provide players with a focused, singular journey.

## The Good Ol’ Days

Playing old games is also an excellent reminder of why we love gaming. It’s a chance to remember what drew us to this medium in the first place. Modern releases tend to imitate each other, making it difficult to distinguish between them. Retro games, on the other hand, offer a fresh take on the challenges and diversity of the medium.

## A New Beginning

This trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. As more and more developers jump on the nostalgia bandwagon, we can expect to see even more beloved games make a comeback. And that’s certainly something to look forward to.


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