Fantaisie Star Trek : montez à bord de chaque vaisseau Enterprise grâce à ce site web.

# Gene Roddenberry’s Archive Brings Star Trek Bridges to Life

Are you a Star Trek fan? Have you ever dreamed of sitting in the captain’s chair, exploring the bridge, or visiting Picard’s ready room? Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, may have passed away years ago, but his archive is now being digitized to preserve his legacy. This includes a new official website that allows you to virtually visit almost every Enterprise bridge!

# Explore the Bridges

The website, which you can find at, isn’t designed to be mobile-friendly yet, and may experience a bit of lag due to high demand. But, if you can access it, you’ll be able to click on the Bridge View option and select a ship to explore.

Once you’ve selected a ship, you’ll see a “Click Anywhere to Continue” message. Click on the window, and you can use your desktop’s WASD keyboard keys and mouse to walk around the bridge, sit in the captain’s chair or helm, check out Picard’s ready room, or even pop into a turbolift or open a panel. The bridges are fully equipped with flashing panels, labeled LCARS buttons, and moving UI elements.

# Every Enterprise Bridge is Available

The best part is that every single Enterprise, including those from the Kelvin Timeline and the Mirror Universe, are represented on the website in some way. You’ll even have access to the U.S.S. Voyager’s bridge if some ships don’t have bridge views.

Mike Okuda, Star Trek’s legendary UI designer, assisted the Archive with the project. You’ll be happy to know that the LCARS buttons are labeled on the bridges, which will add to the authentic Star Trek experience.

# The Roddenberry Archive and OTOY Partnership

The incredible collection of digitized bridges comes through a partnership with graphics company OTOY. In addition to the website, the Archive and OTOY have also released a series of videos that feature John de Lancie (Q) exploring the Enterprise’s bridges, William Shatner providing an excerpt from a longer “hours-long testimonial” he’ll be adding to the archive, and other Star Trek luminaries.

The partnership has also announced that they’ll be adding the voice of Majel Roddenberry to the archive in the coming months. Majel, who played several roles in Star Trek, including the ship’s computer, recorded her voice back in 2008 with the intent to preserve it for future technology to bring back to life.

# Spoiler Alert

One last thing, though. The website includes a spoiler for Star Trek: Picard. So if you haven’t watched the show yet and don’t want to be spoiled, proceed with caution!

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