La série Vampire Survivors est en train d’être adaptée pour la télévision.

# “Vampire Survivors” – From Breakout Game to Animated TV Show

Have you heard of the game “Vampire Survivors”? If not, you’re about to. This breakout game of 2022 has caught the attention of fans and game enthusiasts alike. And now, it’s set to become an animated television show!

According to recent reports, the show is in the early stages of production, and a writer has not yet been chosen. However, the announcement alone has already piqued the interest of many fans, including myself.

So what’s the game about? In short, the point of “Vampire Survivors” is to survive waves of monsters using various weapons and items until you become powerful enough to walk away unscathed. But that doesn’t mean there’s no plot. In fact, the game’s web version introduces us to a setting inspired by Rural Italy in 2021, where an evil character by the name of Bisconte Draculó creates a world of famine and suffering. To end his reign of terror, it’s up to the members of the Belpaese family to bring good food back to the table.

It’s worth pointing out that this setting is based on an outdated version of the game. The Steam version, which recently released its second expansion, has evolved and added more elements to the game. This makes me wonder how the show’s writers will incorporate the game’s evolving elements into the TV series.

If the writers need inspiration, we have some ideas! And I hope they consult with James Stephanie Sterling, who has written for the game and added some humor to the storyline.

I am excited to see how this game will translate into an animated TV series, and I am sure many others feel the same way. Let’s wait for further updates as the show progresses.

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