Voici les premiers ensembles de Lego Donkey Kong.

# LEGO is Releasing Four Donkey Kong Sets in August

LEGO has announced the release of four Donkey Kong sets as part of its LEGO Super Mario lineup. Donkey Kong, who has been around as long as Mario himself, is getting his first-ever official LEGO appearance. These sets are inspired by Donkey Kong Country and feature the gorilla’s relatives, rather than the usual ladders, hammers, and fireballs.

# Donkey Kong Set Options

There are four Donkey Kong sets to choose from, each featuring a different character from the game’s universe. The most expensive set is Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride Expansion for $110. It includes both Donkey’s cap-wearing nephew Diddy and the mechanic Funky Kong with his airplane shop. The set also features a Mole Miner enemy with a stash of hidden bananas and six sections of treacherous-looking track for the cart ride.

For $60, you can get a treehouse that comes with grandpa Cranky Kong. The playset also features a hammock and conga drums for Donkey Kong to play. If you’re looking for Diddy’s girlfriend, Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam, for $27, is the best set for you. It includes a pair of guitars and Squawks the parrot on vocals.

Lastly, for $11, Rambi the Rhino is a standalone figure. When you put a LEGO Super Mario figure on his back, you can hear a sound effect when he walks or crashes into other bricks.

# What’s Next for LEGO Super Mario Lineup?

Donkey Kong is the latest addition to the LEGO Super Mario lineup, which already includes Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, King Koopa, and even Sonic the Hedgehog. LEGO is yet to reveal the rumored first-ever Legend of Zelda set, has yet to create Metroid in brick form, and has very ripe nostalgia territory yet to conquer in the original Game Boy.

In conclusion, LEGO’s upcoming Donkey Kong sets present a great opportunity to relive the classic game and characters in LEGO form. The available sets are perfect for every fan and a worthy addition to the LEGO Super Mario lineup. Order yours and experience the joy of building and playing with these classic characters!

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