De nouvelles images fuitent pour les écouteurs Fairbuds XL de Fairphone à porter sur les oreilles.


Fairphone, a company renowned for creating sustainable and repairable smartphones, is now expanding its product range with the Fairbuds XL over-ear noise-canceling headphones. Leaked images and details published by WinFuture and Android Police offer a glimpse into what we can expect from these headphones.


The images reveal that the Fairbuds XL come in black and green color options, with speckles in the finish of each cup’s structure that indicate the company’s use of recycled plastics. Fairphone has a reputation for creating sustainable products with longevity, and the Fairbuds XL are no exception.


The headphones feature a padded headband that provides cushioning and is adjustable to fit all head sizes. The cups fold inward, making them easy to store when not in use. The right ear cup has a button and a nub that looks like either a dial or a mini joystick, which could control playback and volume.


The Fairbuds XL will visibly include USB-C charging and a microphone hole, but disappointingly, omit a 3.5mm jack. The company has removed the headphone jack on its latest repairable Fairphone 4. Although the lack of a headphone jack seems standard in 2023, many users may still prefer it, making the exclusion potentially inconvenient.


While there is no official price for the Fairbuds XL yet, WinFuture previously predicted a price of €249 (or about $275). Although this price is higher than some standard over-ear headphones, it is still a fair price for a sustainable product that offers noise canceling and extended support.


Fairphone already sells its true wireless stereo earbuds, which are also built with recycled plastic materials. While the earbuds are not advertised as repairable, sustainability is still one of Fairphone’s primary goals.


The Fairbuds XL may be the perfect product for anyone looking for headphones that are both sustainable and functional. The price may seem too high for some, but considering that Fairphone is committed to creating long-lasting, eco-friendly products, it is worth the investment. Headphone users who want to make a change and switch to a more sustainable option should keep their eyes peeled for more updates on the Fairbuds XL.

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