Critique de Netflix’s Black Knight : un mélange de Mad Max et de Death Stranding


Are you a fan of post-apocalyptic stories? Then you should check out Black Knight, a new action series on Netflix that is a mashup of Mad Max: Fury Road and Death Stranding. Despite not living up to the heights of these two defining pieces of post-apocalyptic storytelling, Black Knight presents a unique and enjoyable take on our climate change-fueled future.


Black Knight takes place 40 years after a comet collided with the Earth, turning the Korean peninsula into a bleak, desolate desert and poisoning the air. The survivors are divided among strict class lines, with the rich living in a domed city with free-flowing air and plant life, while the middle class resides in endless rows of concrete houses. Those who are not so lucky are forced to eke out a life in the desert.


The couriers in Black Knight are modern-day folk heroes who bring much-needed food and oxygen to people’s homes. Their job is not only necessary but also dangerous, as delivery trucks are constantly under attack from raiders out in the desert. One of the couriers, 5-8, has achieved legendary status after fighting off entire gangs of raiders single-handedly. It’s a lot of fun watching him defeat impossible odds while also delivering oxygen to the elderly.


The story follows two main threads: the courier 5-8, and Sa-Wol, a refugee who idolizes the couriers and will do whatever it takes to become one. Meanwhile, the Korean government and a megacorporation named Chun-myung Group are working together to relocate citizens to a new, larger enclosure, but are at odds as to how to proceed. The biggest issue is Chun-myung heir Ryu Seok, who has a disdain for the poor and hopes to turn this new city into his own particular vision of a perfect society.


At its best, Black Knight focuses on action and personal stakes. There are great shootouts and an excellent, deadly race that feels like what would happen if George Miller played Blur. Although 5-8 is indestructible, it’s still a thrill to watch him fight against the odds.


Unfortunately, the show does get off track at times with too many ideas being crammed into a short runtime. The conspiracy theory behind the big relocation plan keeps the story moving with a strong momentum, but it gets derailed by threads about mutants, kidnappings, and vaccines that are either underdeveloped or just plain unnecessary.


Despite its flaws, Black Knight rises above being yet another story about the post-apocalypse and becomes something that feels surprisingly fresh. It’s not a show that will likely be remembered as fondly as its inspirations, but it should make the wait for Death Stranding 2 a little easier. Black Knight is streaming now on Netflix.

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Written by Barbara

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