Samsung Display présente un OLED enroulable de grande taille et doté d’une technologie de surveillance de la santé.


Samsung Display has unveiled two new display panels that could revolutionize the way we use smartphones. The Rollable Flex is a flexible screen that can unroll from just 49mm to 254.4mm, and the Sensor OLED Display is an OLED panel that can recognize fingerprints anywhere on the screen and measure a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and stress level based on readings from their fingers.

## Rollable Flex

The Rollable Flex is an innovative new display that is being showcased at the annual Display Week trade show in Los Angeles. While Samsung Display hasn’t provided many details on this new technology, it’s safe to say that it could offer groundbreaking possibilities for future smartphones. For starters, the display can be unrolled on an “O-shaped axis like a scroll,” allowing it to transform from a large-sized display into a portable form factor.

The Rollable Flex stretches over five times its length, but details on its overall size and resolution are yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, this new technology is exciting and could change the way we use and carry our smartphones.

## Sensor OLED Display

The Sensor OLED Display is another innovative technology unveiled by Samsung Display. Unlike most modern phones with in-display fingerprint sensors, this display can recognize fingerprints anywhere on the screen. It can also measure a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and stress level by reading the OLED screen’s light as the reflection changes due to the “contraction and relaxation of the blood vessels inside the finger.” This technology is built directly into the OLED display, eliminating the need for a separate module.

Samsung has shown the Sensor OLED Display working with a single finger, but it can also read two fingers simultaneously to provide a more accurate blood pressure measurement taken across both arms. While it’s unclear how accurate these readings might be or how long the process takes, this technology could offer health features that are usually found on smartwatches.

## Implications for Future Smartphones

Samsung Display does not produce consumer devices directly, but these announcements are a fascinating indication of the kinds of devices that could be possible in the years ahead. The Rollable Flex offers a new display that can transform the way we carry and use our smartphones, while the Sensor OLED Display offers health features that could change the game in the smartphone industry.

Both these technologies open up possibilities for future smartphones, enabling companies to create innovative and futuristic products that cater to users’ needs. While Samsung Display is yet to reveal more details about these technologies, the hype surrounding them is palpable.


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