Le nouveau Q3 de Leica sacrifie un peu de son apparence pour plus de fonctionnalités.

Leica has released its latest Q3 camera, which, while appearing almost identical to its Q2 predecessor, comes with a variety of updated features that include an 8K video option and a wider ISO range of 50 to 100,000. Leica also boasts new hybrid autofocus capabilities with phase detection and contrast detection, which cover animals, as well as human eyes, faces and bodies. The fixed-lens full-frame compact camera also has Qi-compatible wireless charging support that can be charged from a handgrip. All features have been added without increasing the bulk of the camera, despite the presence of a flip-and-tilt articulating LCD. Although the new sensor’s resolution matches that of the Leica M11 / M11 Monochrom, there are some differences, such as a wider ISO range. Some experts have praised the Q3’s latest features, such as the electronic viewfinder and the 8GB buffer memory, which helps manage the 70 megabyte per RAW DNG image files. However, there is also criticism of the Q3’s rear redesign, which has disrupted its sleek lines. The new tilt screen has been criticised as a “misstep,” as the lack of grooves on its left side makes it difficult to grip, interfering with the user experience and making it harder to capture decisive moments.

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