Insta360 Go 3 : une mini caméra idéale pour le vlogging ou pour l’attacher à votre chat

**INSTA360 GO 3: A Revolutionary Pill-Shaped Action Camera with a Flip-Up Screen**


Insta360 has introduced its latest action camera, the Go 3, which stands out with its unique pill-shaped design. However, the highlight of this new model is the detachable case that now features a flip-up screen. This innovative addition allows users to have a real-time live view of their recordings without relying on a smartphone or estimating their composition. Whether the camera is inserted in the case or used remotely, the flip-up screen provides a convenient way to see exactly what is being recorded.


The Go 3’s case does not only provide a live view but also offers additional functionalities. Similar to its predecessor, the Go 2, the case can charge the camera, extending its battery life from 45 minutes to a remarkable 170 minutes on a single charge. This improvement ensures that users can capture their adventures without worrying about running out of power. However, these added capabilities come at a cost. The Go 3 is priced higher than its previous model, with the base 32GB configuration available for $379.99, compared to the Go 2’s initial launch price of $299.99.


Like the Go 2, the Go 3 continues to offer the advantage of its compact size, making it suitable for filming in extreme locations and capturing unique perspectives. It comes with a magnetic pendant mount and hat clip, features that were highly appreciated by users of the Go 2. However, the Go 3 introduces several upgrades, including an adjustable pivot stand with reusable adhesive, longer battery life, and a slightly higher video resolution of 2.7K with no recording limit. Furthermore, it boasts waterproofing up to 16 feet without the need for a weather-resistant case. The addition of dual microphones with voice controls enhances audio quality, and the built-in storage has been expanded to 128GB, accommodating larger amounts of footage. However, the increased storage capacity comes at a higher price of $429.99.


Despite the enhancements, the Go 3 weighs slightly more than its predecessor, with a weight of 35 grams. However, the 3.5-gram difference is hardly noticeable, considering the benefits of a longer-lasting battery life and the practicality of the new case design.

In conclusion, the Insta360 Go 3 represents a significant advancement in the world of action cameras. Its detachable case with a flip-up screen provides users with a real-time live view, eliminating the need for a smartphone and enhancing the overall recording experience. Numerous improvements and added features enhance the camera’s functionality and image quality, making it an ideal choice for capturing adventures in even the most extreme environments.

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