Des centaines d’acteurs sont prêts à faire grève si SAG-AFTRA ne parvient pas à conclure un accord véritablement “transformatif”.

### **SAG-AFTRA Members Threaten to Strike if Demands Aren’t Met**

Ahead of the expiration of SAG-AFTRA’s current labor contract with the AMPTP on June 30th, hundreds of union members have expressed their readiness to go on strike if their concerns are not adequately addressed. In an open letter to leadership, signed by over 300 actors including Jennifer Lawrence and Rami Malek, the members warned against accepting a weak deal with the AMPTP and emphasized their willingness to make sacrifices if necessary.

Confidentiality has prevented SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher and national executive director Duncan Crabtree-Ireland from revealing specific details about the ongoing negotiations with the AMPTP. However, their recent video update raised concerns among the members, prompting them to voice their support for a strong deal.

Earlier this month, the majority of SAG-AFTRA members voted in favor of authorizing a strike, further highlighting the urgency of the situation. The open letter, obtained by Rolling Stone, reinforces the members’ dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and their belief that the union’s wages, creative freedom, and overall power have been compromised over the past decade. They called for a reversal of these trends.

The signatories of the letter not only expressed their general concerns but also outlined specific demands. They seek better minimum wages, improved healthcare benefits, and a new residual payment model that takes into account the growth of streaming platforms. Additionally, the actors called for more control over the casting process, particularly in relation to studios requiring self-tapes, as well as a serious consideration of the industry’s use of artificial intelligence tools.

The letter emphasizes the members’ unwillingness to settle for halfway gains, stressing the importance of ensuring adequate compensation for the use of their work in training AI systems. The negotiation process is seen as an opportunity to protect their likeness and secure fair remuneration.

In light of this unprecedented moment in the industry, SAG-AFTRA members are urging their representatives not to accept anything less than what they believe is necessary for the well-being and advancement of actors. The unity among the signatories signifies the widespread support for these demands and a determination to push for a favorable agreement.

**Source:** [Press article from SAG-AFTRA members threatening strike](

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