Star Wars: The Old Republic a un nouveau développeur


BioWare recently announced its decision to transfer the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) to the boutique studio Broadsword. This move, long rumored in the gaming community, has sparked both excitement and concerns among players.

In a statement to IGN, Electronic Arts (EA) expressed its intention to facilitate the game’s growth and evolution by partnering with Broadsword, known for its expertise in delivering online, community-driven experiences. The goal is to provide the best opportunities for SWTOR and its loyal players.

To allay fears that this transition would relegate SWTOR to “maintenance mode,” whereby only minor updates would be made to sustain the game, SWTOR executive producer Keith Kanneg assured players that all planned content updates would still proceed. He emphasized that the team remains fully committed to the game’s future and is excited to see its vision come to life alongside the supportive player community.

Despite the positive tone, this development is not without its challenges. Layoffs are expected as some SWTOR developers transition to Broadsword, while other roles will not be transferred. This decision was made after careful consideration, and EA is committed to providing support and new roles within the company for affected team members.

This strategic move allows BioWare to concentrate on the development of highly anticipated installments in two of its celebrated franchises: Dragon Age and Mass Effect. By reallocating resources, BioWare aims to deliver exceptional experiences to fans of these series.

Excitingly, while specifics about the upcoming features remain under wraps, BioWare’s creative director Christian McKay hinted at significant improvements and new content beyond what players currently know and love about SWTOR. These developments are eagerly awaited by the dedicated player base.

In conclusion, the transfer of SWTOR development to Broadsword marks a pivotal moment for the game’s future. BioWare’s decision to partner with a studio specializing in community-driven experiences signifies their dedication to providing the best possible gameplay for SWTOR enthusiasts. With the reassurance that all planned content updates will proceed, players can rest assured that SWTOR’s journey is far from over. Meanwhile, BioWare can now focus on delivering the next chapters in the Dragon Age and Mass Effect sagas, promising exceptional experiences for fans.

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