Asus affirme que l’écart de performance du ROG Ally ne devrait pas exister – mais je le constate toujours.



We understand your concerns about a drop in performance during the first week after the launch of the ROG Ally. We have conducted tests to investigate this performance gap. By updating the BIOS to version 319 and installing the latest AMD graphics drivers 31.0.14058.4001 (available for download in MyASUS), we have observed that the performance is comparable to the launch BIOS version 317. You can see our test results below and verify them on your own system using the same games and settings.

**Cyberpunk 2077 Benchmark (1080p Medium, FSR Auto):**
– BIOS 317: 38.44 FPS
– BIOS 319: 39.95 FPS

If you perform these benchmarks and obtain significantly different results with an up-to-date system, please contact customer support at for assistance. These results were obtained with the Ally in Turbo mode, unplugged, and with VRAM set to the default 4G. We will soon add more validated game tests to provide further examples for you to replicate on your own device.


Furthermore, we are currently investigating reports regarding joystick deadzones. Several variables contribute to the deadzones experienced, such as the game being played, the launcher and its controller layer, and Armoury Crate SE. Each of these factors can compound the issue. As this is a major concern for many users, we are committed to addressing it thoroughly. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue our testing process.


Lastly, our team is actively working on testing concerns related to the microSD card reader. Firstly, if your Ally’s microSD card reader is unable to read any microSD cards or you suspect a malfunction, please follow the RMA process by visiting [this link]( (US) or [this link]( (UK).

We take user reports seriously, and in order to gather more data, we kindly request that you provide specific information about the conditions that led to the problem when initiating the RMA process. This includes the operating mode you were in, the model of the microSD card being used, and the activity the microSD card was performing at the time of the issue. We will utilize this data for further testing to identify whether there is an issue and determine its nature.

As a preliminary measure, we will release an update that increases the device’s fan speeds. Adequate cooling helps alleviate potential component stress that may cause issues. In the meantime, you can customize your own manual fan curve in Armoury Crate SE.

We understand and acknowledge your concerns. We strive for precision, but diagnosing these issues properly requires time. Please be assured that we are diligently working to address all your concerns.

*Source: ASUS Support*

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