Le jeu Stray obtient enfin sa date de sortie sur Xbox.

# Not-E3 summer of games: Annapurna Interactive presents new games and updates

The summer of gaming events may be coming to a close, but there’s still more to look forward to. Annapurna Interactive recently hosted its own showcase, where they unveiled new games and shared exciting updates. Here are the highlights from their presentation.

## Stray, the cyberpunk cat-sim, is coming to Xbox

Annapurna Interactive has announced that their popular game, Stray, will be making its way to Xbox on August 10th. Originally launched as a timed exclusive for PC and PlayStation, Stray combines the charm of a cat-sim with a cyberpunk setting. To make the announcement even more adorable, Annapurna released a video of the game’s lead cat pawing an Xbox controller off a table, much to the chagrin of its owner. Fans can’t wait to experience this unique game on a new platform.

## Get ready for Thirsty Suitors, the ultimate hometown drama

After much anticipation, Annapurna Interactive has finally revealed the release date for Thirsty Suitors. On November 2nd, players will have the chance to return to their hometown, confront or reconcile with their ex-lovers, and maybe disappoint their parents with their less-than-stellar chai-making skills. Oh, and there’s also skateboarding! This game promises to bring a mix of romance, drama, and skateboarding fun to Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

## Keita Takahashi’s new game, To a T, channels the whimsy of Katamari Damacy

Fans of the eccentric Katamari Damacy series will be delighted to know that its creator, Keita Takahashi, is working on a new game called To a T. This whimsical adventure features a young boy navigating the world in a permanent T-pose. The game’s trailer captures the essence of Takahashi’s signature absurdity, accompanied by a toe-tapping soundtrack that celebrates the boy’s uniqueness. Although no release date has been announced yet, fans are eagerly awaiting more information about this enchanting game.

## Cocoon: A trippy adventure puzzler with interstellar mysteries

Geometric Interactive, a small indie studio founded by gameplay designer Jeppe Carlsen and composer Jakob Schmid, is set to release their first game called Cocoon. This trippy adventure puzzler takes players on a journey through different realities to solve interstellar mysteries. Voted the most anticipated indie game at Summer Game Fest 2023, Cocoon will be available on Xbox, Game Pass, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC starting September 29th.

## Annapurna Interactive’s self-developed game, Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth

Annapurna Interactive ended their showcase with a special surprise – the reveal of their very first self-developed game, Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth. In this dystopian adventure, players embark on a mission to uncover clues and information in “the land of the dead” following a destructive blackout. While no release date or specific platform information has been shared, fans are already scouring the trailer for hidden details and hints.

And there you have it, the exciting updates and new games from Annapurna Interactive’s showcase. Stay tuned for more information on these captivating titles as they make their way into the gaming world.

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