Niantic annonce des licenciements et la fermeture de jeux afin de se concentrer sur Pokémon Go.


## Introduction

In a recent email shared on Niantic’s official website, CEO John Hanke revealed several significant organizational changes within the company. These changes aim to narrow Niantic’s focus and prioritize the development and maintenance of their highly successful game, Pokémon Go[^1^].

## Restructuring Efforts: Layoffs and Studio Closure

As part of this restructuring, Niantic plans to implement layoffs that will affect approximately 230 employees[^1^]. This decision, although unfortunate, aligns with the company’s strategic shift towards optimizing resources and adapting to new market demands. To further streamline their operations, Niantic has also made the tough choice to close down their Los Angeles studio[^1^]. These measures will allow Niantic to create a more efficient and focused work environment.

## Sunsetting NBA All World and Halting Production of Marvel World of Heroes

Alongside these organizational changes, CEO John Hanke announced that Niantic will be “sunsetting” their NBA game, NBA All World[^2^]. This means that the game will no longer be available for active play. Similarly, Niantic has made the decision to halt production on their Marvel game, Marvel World of Heroes[^2^]. This shift in focus demonstrates the company’s commitment to prioritize their flagship game, Pokémon Go, which has seen immense success in the mobile gaming market.

## Niantic’s Long-term Belief in Augmented Reality

Despite the game shutdowns, CEO John Hanke reaffirmed Niantic’s long-term belief in augmented reality (AR) as the future form factor for computing[^3^]. Augmented reality technology has enormous potential, and Niantic remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of this technology. Hanke expressed particular interest in mixed reality devices like the Meta Quest Pro and Apple Vision Pro, which he considers as intermediate stepping stones towards true outdoor AR devices[^3^]. This indicates Niantic’s commitment to evolving and adapting to advancements in AR technology.

## Conclusion

Niantic’s recent organizational changes, including layoffs and studio closures, demonstrate the company’s strategic efforts to focus on their core game, Pokémon Go. While acknowledging the impact of these changes, Niantic remains optimistic about the future of augmented reality and continues to explore new possibilities in the industry. With their unwavering commitment to AR technology, Niantic aims to bring innovative experiences to their players and shape the future of gaming.

[^1^]: Niantic CEO John Hanke’s email on [Niantic’s official website](
[^2^]: Information about the game shutdowns can be found on various sources, excluding The Verge.
[^3^]: Statements regarding Niantic’s belief in augmented reality and future hardware were mentioned in CEO John Hanke’s email on Niantic’s official website.

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