L’adorable petit ordinateur Intel NUC est en voie d’être abandonné.


Intel, the renowned tech company, has made the decision to discontinue its popular NUC (Next Unit of Compute) computers. ServeTheHome was the first to report this news. The move indicates that Intel is shifting its focus away from the personal computer business, which includes its small form factor PCs. Mark Walton, Intel’s EMEA comms managers of client computing and graphics, confirmed the decision in an email to The Verge. According to Walton, Intel plans to pivot its strategy towards enabling its ecosystem partners to continue NUC innovation and growth. However, it is unclear whether this decision means Intel will no longer manufacture PCs for consumers.

In April, Intel also announced its intention to stop selling servers and handed off this business to Taiwanese company Mitac. This decision follows Intel’s move away from manufacturing servers to compete with larger companies such as HP and Dell. Now, with the discontinuation of NUCs, Intel is abandoning the mini-PC market as well. This is a blow to IT departments and tech enthusiasts who valued the small, quiet, and powerful NUCs. These computers could be preconfigured for office use or customized by users themselves.

Intel’s NUC lineup also included “Extreme” models that could be transformed into gaming rigs, supporting full-size graphics cards. The NUC 11 “Beast Canyon” is an example of Intel’s efforts to expand the compact computer into more versatile workstation territories and accommodate Nvidia’s RTX 40-series cards.

Despite the impressive design of Intel’s NUC computers, the availability and purchase process posed challenges. Interested buyers often had to find resellers, many of which catered to businesses, and the starting price for a nearly bare-bones unit was typically over $1,000.

NUCs were praised for their small form factor and excellent performance, attracting both tinkerers and proponents of repairability. Intel emphasized the upgradability of the main “Element” board, which holds the processor, I/O, and other components. The Element board could be swapped to support newer generation processors and various computer technologies. However, with the discontinuation of the NUC, it is unlikely that this upgradability feature will continue.

In conclusion, Intel’s decision to discontinue NUC computers marks a shift in the company’s strategy towards partnering with ecosystem partners for future innovation. This move raises questions about Intel’s future involvement in manufacturing PCs for consumers. For now, Intel remains committed to fulfilling its current commitments and providing support for existing NUC products on the market.

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