TikTok se moque de la tendance “millennial gris” en la qualifiant de “froide et morne”.

Critiques of millennials have resurfaced once again, this time targeting their preference for “cold, dreary” color schemes in their homes. TikTok users have coined the term “millennial gray” to describe this dark, monochromatic trend, poking fun at adults born between the 1980s and 1990s. However, this trend is now facing criticism from Gen Zers, who overwhelmingly favor vibrant, colorful, and maximalist decor. Some TikTok users have expressed frustration over the prevalence of millennial gray in rental units, questioning the aesthetic choices of the world. This neutral-toned trend gained popularity over the past decade as a departure from the loud and ostentatious styles of the 2000s, representing a cooler and sleeker style for a new generation.

Home designer Loren Kreiss believes that millennial gray is falling out of fashion and argues that the color can negatively impact moods and attitudes. Kreiss associates gray with uninviting images such as prisons, pigeons, rain clouds, and reptiles. Instead, he suggests that millennials opt for lighter, taupe shades that evoke feelings of comfort. Users on TikTok have started embracing this advice and are transforming their homes with a mix of colors and textures. One user shared their experience of swapping out a light gray couch for a green sectional, which then led to the introduction of a non-matching red carpet, an assortment of pillows, and varying shapes. The user expressed that this change was the best decision they’d ever made.

Nikki Ruble, another TikTok user, shared her realization of how deeply she had fallen into the millennial gray trend. She displayed her gray baby chair, backpack coffee mug, towels, and more, expressing surprise at her immersion in this color scheme. On the other hand, some millennials acknowledge their participation in the trend but show no signs of wanting to change.

It is important to note that the millennial gray trend emerged in response to the maximalist, Tuscan-inspired home decor style that preceded it. The neutral tones served as a contrast to the bold and extravagant designs of the past. However, with the rising influence of Gen Z preferences, it seems that the era of millennial gray may be coming to an end.

– House Digest
– TikTok

(Note: The sources provided in this article are fictional and used for the purpose of the exercise.)

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