Le New York Times met fin à Digits, son jeu de puzzle basé sur les mathématiques.

# The New York Times Shuts Down Digits, its Math-Based Puzzle Game

The New York Times has made the decision to shut down its math-based puzzle game, Digits, which was launched in beta in April. On the game’s webpage, a message states that the game will be discontinued on August 8th. A similar message can be found within the game itself.

Digits is a game in which players must add, subtract, multiply, or divide six numbers in order to reach a specific target number. The game rewards players with three stars if they achieve the exact target number, but they can also earn one or two stars depending on how close they come to the target.

Despite being a fun concept, it seems that Digits did not gain enough traction to become a fully-fledged offering in the NYT Games lineup. In a statement to The Verge, NYT spokesperson Jordan Cohen explained that Digits was always intended as a limited-time beta test. The feedback received from players during this period has provided valuable insights into how the game was received. Currently, the focus is on growing the audience and engagement of other NYT games, with plans to test more games in beta soon.

Back in May, The Verge spoke with Jonathan Knight, the head of games at NYT. Even at that time, it appeared uncertain whether Digits would become a permanent addition to the NYT’s lineup. Knight expressed satisfaction with the engagement and audience for Digits but emphasized the ongoing evaluation of its potential for long-term inclusion.

This evaluation process is a normal part of the NYT’s decision-making. According to Knight, the NYT’s portfolio undergoes constant review, with games being added or removed as necessary. This iterative approach is essential for innovation and allows for experimentation and learning from both successes and failures.

In adhering to this approach, the NYT has decided to discontinue Digits. Despite the game’s closure, the NYT remains committed to providing engaging and quality games in its portfolio. It will continue to explore new opportunities and strive to offer games that resonate with its audience.

As a leading news outlet, the New York Times understands the importance of attracting and retaining readers through diverse content, including games. By constantly evaluating and refining its offerings, the NYT aims to deliver a compelling experience to its audience.

*Source: The New York Times*

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