Les stations d’accueil USB 4 arrivent avec une bande passante suffisante pour deux écrans 4K à 120 Hz.


Are you tired of compromising when it comes to using external monitors with your laptop? Well, have no fear because Plugable has just released their latest USB4 Dual Monitor Docking Station that doesn’t require any compromises. This docking station, with model number UD-4VPD, features not one but two HDMI 2.1 ports, allowing compatible laptops to connect to dual 4K displays running at a refresh rate of 120Hz. You can now experience high-quality visuals without any limitations.

The UD-4VPD is now available on Amazon for $199.95, according to Plugable’s press release. However, it’s important to note that in order to fully utilize the capabilities of this docking station, you will need a USB 4 or Thunderbolt 4 port that offers the necessary 40Gbps bandwidth. While Thunderbolt 3 is supported, Plugable mentions that there may be some “reduced display mode options” in certain cases. Additionally, this dock is designed specifically for Windows 10 systems and newer.

It should be mentioned that although you can connect a MacBook to this dock, macOS does not support the multi-stream transport (MST) technology used by the dock. As a result, it will only offer one additional display at either “up to 4K 60Hz, or 8K 60Hz,” as mentioned on Plugable’s website. Therefore, if you connect two monitors to your MacBook through this dock, one of them will simply duplicate the laptop’s display, providing you with a total of two screens.

While Plugable is one of the first companies to offer a dock that supports dual 4K/120Hz displays, other companies are also entering the market. Kensington, for example, recently announced their MD125U4 USB4 Portable Docking Station, which also provides support for up to two 4K/120Hz monitors through HDMI 2.1 ports. Interestingly, Kensington claims that their dock can support a single 8K monitor at up to 30Hz, while Plugable asserts that their dock can handle a single 8K display at 60Hz.

In addition to its two HDMI 2.1 ports, Plugable’s dock boasts nine other useful ports. These include two USB-A 10Gbps ports, one USB-A 5Gbps port, one USB-C 10Gbps port with up to 20W of power, and a USB-C port with up to 100W of power for connecting to a laptop. The dock also features a pair of SD card slots (including one microSD), a 2.5Gbps ethernet jack, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Plus, it comes with a one-meter USB 4 40Gbps cable included in the box.

So, if you’ve been seeking a docking solution that allows you to connect multiple high-resolution displays without compromising on performance, Plugable’s USB4 Dual Monitor Docking Station is definitely worth considering. Upgrade your laptop setup and enjoy the benefits of seamless multitasking, enhanced visuals, and convenient connectivity options. Invest in this versatile dock and take your productivity to new heights.

*Source: Press release from Plugable (link not from*

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