Leviton modernise quatre dispositifs Decora Smart Wi-Fi vers la technologie Matter.

# Here are the Specific Products That Now Work with Matter:

Leviton, a trusted name in hardware stores, has recently announced a wave of upgrades for their smart home products. This is great news for consumers looking for reliable and aesthetically pleasing smart dimmers and switches.

## Leviton’s Decora Smart Wi-Fi Products:

Leviton’s Decora Smart Wi-Fi products, which are widely available in hardware stores, have now been upgraded to work with Matter. These products already had compatibility with major smart home platforms such as Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home, and Samsung SmartThings through a cloud integration with My Leviton. However, the recent update allows the devices to be controlled locally by a Matter controller, resulting in faster response times and improved reliability.

## The First Dimmable Matter Smart Plug – The D23LP:

Among the upgrades, Leviton has introduced the D23LP, which appears to be the first dimmable Matter smart plug. While there are other Matter switches, dimmers, and smart plugs available from brands like TP-Link, Eve, and Meross, the D23LP stands out as the first dimmable option. This unique feature adds versatility and convenience to the Leviton lineup.

## Comparison to Other Matter-Compatible Devices:

It’s important to note that Leviton’s switches, dimmers, and smart plugs are not the first or the cheapest options available on the market. TP-Link’s Tapo switches and dimmers are more affordable, and there are other Matter smart plugs available from TP-Link, Eve, and Meross. However, the introduction of Leviton’s dimmable smart plug sets it apart and offers a unique solution for consumers.

## The Benefits of Matter:

Matter, the interoperable smart home standard, brings several advantages to Leviton’s products. With the integration of Matter, Leviton devices now offer faster response times and improved reliability when controlled locally. This is made possible by eliminating the need for cloud integration with other smart home platforms. Additionally, customers can continue to use the My Leviton app, which provides a wide range of features and customization options for their smart lighting.

In conclusion, Leviton’s recent upgrades to their Decora Smart Wi-Fi products, along with the introduction of the dimmable Matter smart plug D23LP, showcase their commitment to providing innovative and reliable smart home solutions. With the integration of Matter, Leviton products offer enhanced control and improved performance, catering to the growing demand for streamlined and efficient smart home experiences.

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