Roblox va permettre aux développeurs d’offrir des abonnements dans leurs expériences.


In an exciting development for developers, Roblox is currently working on tools that will enable them to offer subscriptions within their experiences. This major new initiative, as announced in a blog post published on Tuesday, could potentially revolutionize how developers make money on the platform.

Currently, Roblox offers developers various monetization options, including the ability to sell virtual items on the Roblox marketplace, offer in-experience passes to exclusive content, and provide paid access to gated experiences. However, these options primarily involve one-time fees. Roblox argues that introducing subscriptions would allow developers to establish recurring economic relationships with users and potentially increase the predictability of their earnings. Other monetization options available on the platform include subscriptions to private servers, engagement-based payouts, and the integration of Roblox’s “Immersive Ads.”

The introduction of subscriptions not only provides developers with additional opportunities to monetize their creations but also strengthens Roblox’s position as a preferred platform for development. For instance, Epic Games’ new system for Fortnite rewards creators based on factors such as the amount of time players spend in their experiences but does not allow for the direct sale of virtual goods or subscriptions within those experiences. Developers seeking more flexibility in their monetization strategies may opt for Roblox instead.

While Roblox did not specify a release date for subscriptions, it is advised that developers exercise caution and avoid building experiences solely around this upcoming feature. Additionally, it is crucial for Roblox to consider implementing controls that prevent the unintentional signing up of subscriptions by the large number of young players, which could result in unwanted charges for both them and their parents.

In the aforementioned blog post, Roblox also hinted at the possibility of offering the ability to purchase real-world goods within experiences in the future; however, no specific timetable was provided.

Notably, last month Roblox introduced a feature that allows developers to create experiences exclusively for players aged 17 and older. However, the company has faced scrutiny recently due to concerns raised by some employees regarding diversity, as reported by Bloomberg. These concerns highlight the need for Roblox to address and strengthen its efforts to create a more inclusive workplace environment.

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