Les ordinateurs Intel mini NUC bénéficient d’une seconde vie grâce à Asus


## Intel’s Popular NUC Computers Discontinued

**Intel** recently made the surprising announcement that it would be discontinuing its compact and upgradable **NUC computers**. These small form factor PCs had gained popularity among PC building and gaming communities, as they provided a convenient and efficient way to build miniature computers.

## Asus to the Rescue

However, Asus has come forward to fill the void left by Intel’s departure. The company has secured a non-exclusive license from Intel to manufacture and develop future **NUC systems**. This move ensures a smooth transition for customers and partners, as Asus will now be responsible for delivering exceptional products and supporting NUC systems customers.

## A New Era for Asus

With this agreement, Asus gains the opportunity to manufacture and sell NUC systems ranging from 10th to 13th Gen, as well as develop new designs based on Intel’s upcoming chips. In fact, the company is even establishing its own **Asus NUC business unit** to handle the support and production of these systems. The non-exclusive nature of the license suggests that other PC manufacturers may also have the chance to license NUC from Intel in the future.

## Good News for PC Enthusiasts

PC builders and gaming enthusiasts can breathe a sigh of relief, as the NUC is not being discontinued after all. While there have been challenges in purchasing Intel’s NUC computers in the past, they have played a crucial role in raising awareness about small form factor PCs and have provided many individuals with an entry point into building their own compact computers.

*Note: The accompanying photo showcases Intel’s NUC 9 computer.*

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