L’application Samsung Wallet intègre désormais une prise en charge des cartes d’identité étudiantes sur les campus.

# Samsung Wallet Introduces Digital Student ID Support

Samsung has announced the addition of digital student ID support in its own Wallet app, providing a convenient way for Galaxy users to access campus facilities and make purchases. This feature is available to users with recent devices from the A, S, or Z series.

Gone are the days of carrying around bulky plastic student ID cards. Today, students can enjoy the benefits of a digital ID, eliminating the need for physical cards throughout their educational journey[^1^].

Previously, Android phones relied on dedicated apps for specific school systems. However, companies like Transact have revolutionized this process by enabling universities to integrate their campus cards into Google Wallet[^3^]. Samsung Wallet now offers a similar solution, allowing students to add their NFC-tappable campus ID to their digital wallet[^3^].

Apple has been at the forefront of contactless student ID support for several years. Schools such as Johns Hopkins in Baltimore have enabled electronic IDs through Apple Wallet[^4^]. Samsung is now following suit by introducing this feature in Samsung Wallet, ensuring compatibility with various US-model Galaxy phones that have Samsung’s embedded secure element and Android 12 or higher[^5^].

To add a supported school ID to Samsung Wallet, users must download the Transact eAccounts Mobile app from the Google Play Store, set it up, and link it to their wallet[^6^]. It’s worth noting that Samsung Wallet’s student ID functionality remains operational even when a user’s Galaxy device is in Power Reserve mode, preventing any inconvenience caused by a dead battery[^7^].

However, not all Samsung devices are compatible with this feature. Users will need a US-model Galaxy phone equipped with Samsung’s eSE embedded secure element and running Android 12 or higher[^8^]. Furthermore, Samsung is preparing to release support for student ID on Galaxy Watches in the near future[^9^].

Several prominent educational institutions, including Penn State, the University of Florida, Central Michigan University, the University of North Alabama, and the Stevens Institute of Technology, are among the first to offer student ID support on Samsung Wallet[^10^]. Currently, Samsung Wallet has partnerships with 68 higher-education institutions across the United States[^11^].

In conclusion, Samsung’s introduction of digital student ID support in its Wallet app provides a convenient and secure way for Galaxy users to access campus facilities and make purchases. This advancement aligns with industry trends, as other leading companies like Apple have already incorporated contactless student IDs in their respective wallets. Samsung’s dedication to enhancing its features and expanding its partnerships demonstrates its commitment to providing innovative solutions for the education sector.

*Disclaimer: The above information is sourced from reliable industry publications and Samsung’s official website.

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