Marvel propose les trois premiers épisodes de Secret Invasion de Disney Plus sur Hulu.

# SECRET INVASION: The First Three Episodes Available for Streaming on Hulu

Marvel is giving audiences a taste of its highly anticipated series, *Secret Invasion*, by releasing the first three episodes on Hulu. Starring Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, the show follows his efforts to protect Earth from an invasion by shape-shifting Skrulls. These episodes are now available for streaming on Hulu, but viewers will need to switch to Disney Plus to catch the final three episodes, with the season finale set to be released on July 26th.

## Cross-Promotion and Disney’s Streamlining Plans

This move to cross-promote *Secret Invasion* on Hulu is noteworthy considering Disney’s plans to integrate its streaming platforms. In a recent earnings report, CEO Bob Iger announced intentions to create a unified streaming experience, incorporating Hulu’s extensive library within Disney Plus. While Hulu will remain a standalone option, this strategy aims to blur the lines between the two services, providing audiences with a more cohesive streaming experience.

## A Cost-Containment Initiative: Disney’s Revised Approach to Marvel (and Star Wars) Content

In a surprising turn, Bob Iger has expressed a desire to reduce investment in Marvel and Star Wars content. Iger believes the proliferation of Marvel TV shows has detracted attention and focus from the films, prompting the need for a revised approach. “Spending less on what we make, and making less,” Iger emphasized during an interview with CNBC, citing both their focus and cost containment initiative. However, due to ongoing strikes by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the SAG-AFTRA actors union, Disney will likely be compelled to produce less until a resolution is reached.

## *Secret Invasion* and the Emmy Awards

Fans of *Secret Invasion* will have until August 17th to enjoy the series on Hulu, just ahead of this year’s Emmy Awards, scheduled for September 18th. Although the show missed the eligibility window for this year’s awards, critics have noted its apparent intention to compete for future recognition. *MSNBC* criticized the series for being too preoccupied with “ticking award voters’ boxes” rather than focusing on the actual storyline. Notably, the cast includes award winners such as Samuel L. Jackson, Olivia Colman, Ben Mendelsohn, and Julia-Louis Dreyfuss.

## Conclusion

As the highly anticipated series *Secret Invasion* continues to captivate audiences, Marvel has strategically released the first three episodes on Hulu, enabling viewers to catch a glimpse of what’s to come. Meanwhile, Disney’s plans to streamline its streaming services and contain costs indicate changes on the horizon for Marvel and Star Wars content. As negotiations with striking unions continue, the future production landscape remains uncertain. Nevertheless, the allure of *Secret Invasion* persists, drawing attention from both critics and fans alike.

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