Le spin-off Gen V de la série Les Boys semble être une bacchanale sanglante dans la nouvelle bande-annonce.

**Amazon’s Live-Action Adaptation of “The Boys” and the Revealing Trailer of its Spinoff Show “Gen V”**

In the realm of superhero series, Amazon’s live-action adaptation of “The Boys” has always stood out for its graphic and violent content. Now, the streaming giant is set to release a spinoff show titled “Gen V,” which promises to follow suit. However, unlike the blood-soaked scenes in “The Boys,” the blood in “Gen V” seems to serve a more intriguing purpose, as revealed in a new trailer.

“Gen V” revolves around a group of students enrolled at the prestigious Godolkin University School of Crimefighting. This institution is run by Vought International, the same organization responsible for gifting individuals with superpowers through Compound V exposure. Marie Moreau, played by Jaz Sinclair, is one of the students dreaming of becoming a renowned superhero. However, she enters Godolkin with little knowledge of Vought’s corrupt practices, which gradually become apparent as the story unfolds.

Initially, Marie is hopeful that Godolkin will be beneficial to her, just like it seems to be for Emma Meyer, an expert in mass manipulation, and Jordan and Cate Dunlap, who possess shapeshifting and empathy abilities, respectively. However, her perspective takes a dangerous turn when Andre Anderson, a popular ferrokinetic played by Chance Perdomo, invites her into his social circle, which is marred by drug-fueled parties. In this situation, Marie starts realizing the perilous nature of her surroundings. Her power to control and manipulate blood might become invaluable in this chaotic world.

“Gen V” is set to premiere on Amazon on September 29th.

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