Non, Ubisoft ne supprimera pas vos comptes remplis de jeux, affirme-t-il.


The account deletion process on our platform has always been in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), specifically Article 5.1.e, which emphasizes the obligation to limit the retention period of user data. We have rigorously followed legal obligations and industry standards to ensure that our policies regarding account deletion are consistent and compliant. Furthermore, this measure also serves as a protective barrier against fraudulent activities, providing security and peace of mind to our valued players.


Our account deletion process adheres to a strict set of criteria that we consider before permanently deleting an account. These criteria are:

1. **Gaming Activity:** We take into account the gaming activity of the account since its creation as one of the factors in deciding whether to proceed with the deletion.

2. **Account Libraries:** It is crucial to note that accounts containing purchased PC games are not eligible for deletion, as their content holds inherent value.

3. **Duration of Inactivity:** The duration of inactivity on the account, measured by the last login to our ecosystem (including Ubisoft games on Steam and other platforms), is taken into consideration for the account deletion process. However, accounts inactive for less than four years have never been deleted so far.

4. **Active Subscriptions:** If an active subscription is tied to the account, it becomes a determining factor in whether the account can be deleted.


Before an account is permanently deleted, we ensure a comprehensive deletion process that includes communication with the player. The following steps are undertaken:

1. **Three Reminder Emails:** Over a 30-day period, three emails are sent to the player, offering the opportunity to restore their account before it is permanently deleted.

2. **Automatic Warning and Reactivation Link:** During the 30-day window, if the user tries to log in, they will receive an automatic warning and a link to reactivate their account, further facilitating the retrieval process.

By incorporating these measures, we aim to provide transparency, clarity, and ample opportunities for players to retain their accounts, while also maintaining compliance with legal requirements.

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