Trois nouveaux courts métrages animés Starfield dévoilent de nouveaux aperçus de la nouvelle univers de Bethesda.

# **Starfield: The Settled Systems**

*Bethesda Game Studios has announced the upcoming release of their highly anticipated game, Starfield, which is set to debut in just over a month. To build excitement and provide fans with a sneak peek into the game’s universe, the developer has released three animated shorts as part of a brand new anthology series titled Starfield: The Settled Systems.*

## **Exploring the Metropolises of Starfield**

*In these captivating shorts, viewers will have the opportunity to explore three of the game’s major cities. Bethesda Game Studios describes the stories as follows:*

1. **New Atlantis: A Delivery Pilot’s Quest for an Elite Life**
*Get ready to follow the thrilling journey of a delivery pilot in New Atlantis, a city that represents the pinnacle of luxury and elite status within the Starfield universe. With aspirations of attaining a glamorous lifestyle, this daring pilot embarks on an exciting adventure that promises intrigue and exhilaration.*

2. **Akila City: A Stranded Orphan’s Search for Freedom**
*In this heart-wrenching tale, a stranded orphan desperately seeks a way out of Akila City. The vibrant metropolis of Akila becomes the backdrop for a story of resilience and determination as the young protagonist battles against all odds to find freedom and a brighter future.*

3. **Neon: The Struggles of Street Rats in the Underbelly**
*Prepare to witness the hardships faced by two street rats as they strive to survive in the underbelly of Neon, a city that hides a darker reality beneath its flashy façade. Amidst the glittering lights and bustling streets, the characters navigate a treacherous world, filled with danger and uncertainty.*

*Through these animated shorts, Bethesda Game Studios offers fans a glimpse into the diverse and immersive settings that await them in Starfield, setting the stage for an epic gaming experience.*

## **Countdown to Starfield’s Release**

*As the Starfield release date draws closer, fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to plunge into the vast depths of the game’s universe. With remarkable visuals, intriguing storylines, and an array of unique cities to explore, Starfield promises to be an unforgettable gaming experience.*

*In just over a month, players will finally have the chance to embark on their own interstellar adventure, discovering the mysteries, conflicts, and triumphs that await them in Starfield’s meticulously crafted world.*

*Stay tuned for further updates as Bethesda Game Studios continues to unveil more exciting details about Starfield and its captivating narrative. Get ready to immerse yourself in an entirely new and enthralling gaming experience like never before.*

*Sources: Bethesda Game Studios*

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