Le Delta Emulator change de logo après avoir été menacé par Adobe

### Delta Emulator updating logo due to similarities with Adobe’s logo

Delta Emulator is making a change to its logo after facing a legal threat from Adobe. The issue arose because Adobe found Delta’s stylized letter “D” to be too similar to its own stylized letter “A.”

### Adobe issues a legal request

In a surprising turn of events, Adobe’s lawyers contacted Delta on May 7th, asking them to consider changing their app icon. Although the email did not explicitly mention infringement, it suggested that Delta avoid confusing consumers or violating Adobe’s rights.

### Pressure from Apple

Things escalated quickly when, just a day later on May 8th, Apple reached out to Delta, warning them of potential risks due to Adobe’s claim of intellectual property infringement. In response, Delta explained that their icon represented a stylized Greek letter delta, not an “A,” but still agreed to update their logo to prevent any confusion.

### Temporary logo in place

Delta has already implemented a temporary logo on the App Store and AltStore, with plans to unveil a new, final logo with the release of Delta 1.6. The team is currently working on the design.

### A history of logos

Interestingly, Adobe’s logos have featured stylized triangles with a similar gap since 1982 when Marva Warnock designed the mark. While one of Adobe’s logos closely resembles Delta’s, they adopted a different version in 1993 to avoid confusion.

### No association with Adobe

Upon first glance, many would not immediately draw a connection between Delta’s logo and Adobe’s branding. Despite the similarities in design elements, the two logos are distinct.

### Conclusion

Adobe’s request for Delta to change its logo showcases the importance of distinctive branding in the digital landscape. By taking swift action to address the issue, Delta is ensuring clarity and uniqueness in its visual identity.

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