Le grand tournant de Sugar était bien plus qu’un simple gadget

# The Unveiling of the Alien in “Sugar”On Apple TV Plus, the first season of the suspenseful and well-crafted detective series “Sugar” initially followed the standard storyline, with Colin Farrell portraying John Sugar, a peculiar private investigator fascinated by old films, immune to alcohol, and adored by dogs. His mission to solve a missing person case involving the granddaughter of a renowned Hollywood director seemed like a typical plot. However, in a surprising twist at the end of episode six, the show introduced a revelation that hinted at a significant change in direction. Yet, upon reaching the finale of “Sugar,” it becomes evident that this twist did not redefine the show but rather infused it with a fresh perspective.

# The Alien Revelation of Sugar
Let’s address the elephant in the room: Sugar is an extraterrestrial being. In episode six’s climax, he discloses his true identity as a blue humanoid resembling a fusion between Doctor Manhattan and Nebula from “Guardians of the Galaxy.” This revelation, though startling, offers a logical explanation for Sugar’s idiosyncrasies. His love for cinema stems from using it as a tool to understand human nature, his inability to get intoxicated arises from his unique biology, and his affiliation with a covert group of linguists results from how his alien comrades convene to analyze their observations.

# A Seamless Blend of Sci-Fi and Mystery
The transformation of Sugar into an alien does not disrupt the essence of the show, which remains a contemporary film noir with a captivating enigma at its core. The concluding episode emphasizes this, as the sci-fi element takes a backseat while Sugar races against time to rescue Olivia from a dire fate and reunite her with her grandfather. The primary focus remains on unraveling the mystery surrounding Olivia’s disappearance and Sugar’s quest to save her.

# The Sense of Urgency in the Finale
The inclusion of sci-fi elements heightens the urgency in the narrative. In the culmination of “Sugar,” the existence of aliens is exposed, necessitating their departure from Earth. This urgency propels Sugar to hasten his investigation to resolve the case before departing on a voyage back to his extraterrestrial origins. The finale encapsulates the essence of a gripping detective thriller, leaving viewers on edge with a crime unresolved but hinting at further complexities.

# An Alien Twist on a Familiar Archetype
The portrayal of aliens in “Sugar” injects a unique twist on a familiar archetype. Sugar’s characteristics of patience, observation, and dedication, inherent to his success as a detective, can be traced back to his extraterrestrial lineage. His diligence in watching over humanity stems from a past tragedy on his home planet, driving his determination to prevent a similar loss from recurring.

# A Continuation of Sugar’s Journey
As the finale concludes, Sugar elects to remain on Earth, drawn to the humanity he has come to appreciate. However, his decision is further influenced by the discovery of another alien counterpart, akin to an intergalactic Moriarty to his Sherlock. Should “Sugar” receive a renewal, the narrative is poised to shift from a detective story to a tale of vengeance. The delicate balance between sci-fi elements and noir aesthetics must be maintained to sustain the series’ allure. While Sugar may be an alien, his character offers more depth beyond this revelation.

“Sugar” is currently available for streaming on Apple TV Plus.

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