Une conversation avec les dirigeants créatifs de The Legend of Zelda: Larmes du Royaume.

Tears of the Kingdom is the highly anticipated direct sequel to Breath of the Wild in the Legend of Zelda franchise. The game is defined by its focus on reinvention and reimagination from game to game, making Tears of the Kingdom particularly unique as a follow-up to the wildly successful Breath of the Wild. The development of Tears of the Kingdom began immediately after the initial release of Breath of the Wild, and the team was inspired by players who experimented with the game’s physics and chemical engines to execute impressive tricks. This inspired the team to trust in their creative instincts and guided them on their path to “the next wild thing.”

In an interview, series producer Eiji Aonuma and director Hidemaro Fujibayashi discussed their goals for Tears of the Kingdom. They wanted players to feel as if they could continuously experiment and combine various objects in exciting new ways. For fans who played and put time into Breath of the Wild, the team wanted them to experience the same level of excitement and feel moved by Tears of the Kingdom. Additionally, they wanted newcomers to feel the same awe and excitement as if they were playing Breath of the Wild for the first time.

The success of Breath of the Wild allowed the team to feel more comfortable taking risks with Tears of the Kingdom and pursuing unconventional and unique ideas. The team aimed to provide surprises, fun, and joy to players and inspire them to find their playstyle and feel a sense of uniqueness in their experience with the game. The chemistry and physics engines that players discovered in Breath of the Wild inspired the team to incorporate even more tools and elements into Tears of the Kingdom to allow players to create their paths and feel accomplished with their unique achievements in the game.

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