Il n’existe pas de jeu Lego Nintendo Game Boy parfait…


Are you a fan of LEGOs and classic gaming? Then you’re going to love what Nick Lever, a video editor and finalist on “Lego Masters Australia,” has done. He has recreated the original Nintendo Game Boy using LEGO bricks. And it looks so good that LEGO should consider making it an official set.

## How it was made

Using only 364 pieces, Lever managed to recreate most of the iconic features of the Game Boy, including the angled Start and Select buttons and the distinctive screen tint. While there are a few differences, such as the lack of a removable battery tray and front speaker, the LEGO Game Boy is still an impressive achievement.

## How to build it

You may be wondering if it’s possible to build your own LEGO Game Boy. The good news is that it is! Lever has provided detailed instructions for sale on Rebrickable, along with a list of the parts you’ll need. Most of these parts are common and easy to find, but there is one exception: the 6×6 lime green tile. According to Lever, they’re currently sold out worldwide due to his creation. However, he recommends using three 2×6 lime green tiles instead.

## The cost

If you want to build your own LEGO Game Boy, it will cost you approximately $42 (before tax and shipping) for all the parts. Lever’s instructions are available for purchase on Rebrickable for $5.65. The website can also automatically populate your BrickLink shopping cart with the necessary parts.

## What’s next?

This isn’t Lever’s first attempt at building a LEGO Game Boy. He has expressed interest in recreating the Game Boy that survived getting bombed in the Gulf War. Who knows what other incredible creations he’ll come up with next?

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