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# “Cult of the Lamb” Update “Relics of the Old Faith” Adds New Features and Difficulty Settings

If you loved “Cult of the Lamb” last year, then you’re in for a treat with its latest update, “Relics of the Old Faith”. The game developers promised new content, and it’s finally here, unveiled during the Nintendo Indie World event.

“Relics of the Old Faith” introduces new activities to enrich your followers’ spiritual lives, including new forms and abilities for the four bishops, new weapons and spells, and a new quest to complete once you’ve finished the game.

But the update’s real excitement comes from the new followers to save and buildings to construct, either to keep them happy or miserable, if that’s what you prefer. There are also new difficulty settings, including a boss rush mode, a gauntlet challenge, and a permadeath mode to test even the most patient players.

However, what I’d love to see in this update are new rituals to share with my followers, like a King Paimon crowning or a “Get in The Bear” sewing circle. Our cults should have normal cult things, right?

Overall, “Cult of the Lamb” remains deceptively charming despite its gore and blasphemy, and with the “Relics of the Old Faith” update, it’s sure to be the most enjoyable way to play God.


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