Le nouveau Wear OS 4 de Google apporte une meilleure autonomie de batterie.

Google has announced the launch of Wear OS 4, which will extend battery life and introduce cloud backups to the platform. This news comes despite Wear OS 3 still being in the process of being rolled out. Wear OS is receiving some love now that the Pixel Watch has been released. The move to Wear OS 4 is somewhat surprising given the rocky start to the transition from Wear OS 2 to 3 via Samsung’s partnership with Google. The developer preview and emulator for Wear OS 4 have launched, but it will not be available for consumers until later in 2023.
Wear OS users can finally back up and restore their watches without a factory reset and appreciate better battery life. Furthermore, accessibility features such as text-to-speech are being upgraded. Google calendar, Gmail, and Google home integration are also being improved. WhatsApp is set to launch its first-ever smartwatch app in the coming weeks. Spotify also has three new Tiles focused on podcasts, heavy rotation, and DJ. Peloton is also adding a workout streak tile.
While it is unsure what hardware will be required to run or upgrade to Wear OS 4, hopefully, it will be less fragmented than previous versions. It has already been confirmed that compatibility with Google Assistant on Wear OS 3 watches is still being addressed for third-party makers Fossil and Montblanc.

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