Flowstate d’Intrinsic vise à simplifier la robotique industrielle.

Intrinsic, a company under Alphabet that previously acquired Open Robotics, has announced its first product called “Flowstate”. The product aims to democratize access to robotics by making programming as simple as developing a website or a mobile application. Flowstate is an intuitive, web-based platform that enables developers to build robotic applications from concept to deployment. It includes a graphical process builder and behavior trees to orchestrate complex processes, allowing even process engineers to launch applications quickly without having to build plumbing from scratch. Flowstate handles proprietary and non-interoperable hardware, allowing developers to program diverse robotic hardware through a single accessible software system. Comau, an Italian automation company that currently automates the automotive industry, partnered with Intrinsic for several years and helped to make Flowstate real-world useful. Wendy Tan White, Intrinsic CEO, said that the company’s mission is to converge the Intrinsic platform and ROS over time and that a lot of what they develop together will go back into open source.

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Written by Mathieu

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