Roblox tient vraiment à ce que vous sachiez qu’il ne s’adresse pas seulement aux enfants.

# ROBLOX CEO Emphasizes Platform’s Popularity Among Older Users

David Baszucki, the founder and CEO of online gaming platform ROBLOX, has highlighted the fact that the platform is no longer just for kids. In a recent blog post, Baszucki revealed that over 55% of ROBLOX users are above the age of 13, with the fastest-growing demographic being users aged 17 to 24. Developers over the age of 17 make up the majority of the platform’s top 1000 experiences, and many are creating content specifically for older users.

# ROBLOX Considering Age-Specific Recommendations for Creators

While currently, ROBLOX allows creators to make experiences recommended for all ages, including 9-year-olds and up or 13-year-olds and up, Baszucki hinted that the company may introduce recommendations targeted specifically for older players in the future. He stated that the platform “will be working to allow older age-verified creators safely publish more engaging and age-specific content, while remaining committed to providing the best experience in civility, content, and connection for everyone on ROBLOX.” This move could keep creators from leaving the platform for metaverse-y platforms like Fortnite or major game development tools like Unreal Engine or Unity.

# ROBLOX’s Vision for a Platform with Age-Appropriate Experiences

Baszucki’s ultimate goal is to create a platform where age-appropriate experiences for every life stage can be found. This includes concerts, digital fashion, immersive games, and education, as well as newer forms of content such as virtual dating, indie movie screenings, news, and hot topics.

As ROBLOX’s user demographic trends older, the platform must adapt to meet the changing needs and preferences of its users. With age-specific content in the works, ROBLOX will offer creators the opportunity to develop tailored experiences for older users while fostering a safe and inclusive community for everyone on the platform.

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