Toute notre couverture sur la console portable Panic Playdate

## Panic’s Playdate handheld exceeds sales expectations

Have you heard of Panic’s little yellow handheld gamer, Playdate? If you haven’t, you’re about to. It turns out that this quirky little gadget has sold more units than expected. The company originally planned to produce only 20,000 units, but they have already sold 53,000 (and counting). While this is excellent news for Panic, it has also resulted in delivery delays. Luckily, the company is working hard to fulfill all outstanding orders by the end of the year.

## Surprising sales numbers delight Playdate team

When Greg Maletic, Playdate’s project lead, initially presented the idea for this unusual product, he never imagined the level of interest it would generate. However, the gadget quickly gained a considerable following, leading to sales far exceeding the team’s expectations. Maletic expressed his happiness, saying, “To have sold more than 53,000 is heartening.” However, this high demand resulted in unexpected delivery lead times due to parts shortages.

## Optimistic outlook for future delivery lead times

Despite facing delivery hurdles due to parts shortages, Panic is confident that the situation will improve soon. They are committed to fulfilling all outstanding orders by the end of the year, and as lead-times shorten, they expect an even better year two. Merchandise may be delayed, but Panic is working hard to ensure that every customer receives their Playdate as soon as possible.

In conclusion, Panic’s Playdate handheld console has sold far more than anyone anticipated, despite facing setbacks with delivery lead times. The company is optimistic that they will overcome these challenges and deliver all outstanding orders by the end of the year. This optimism bodes well for Panic and their passionate fan base, who undoubtedly can’t wait to get their hands on this little yellow gem.

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