Le jeu d’action classique Karateka est en train d’être transformé en un documentaire jouable

# The Making of Karateka: A New Interactive Documentary by Digital Eclipse

Last year, Digital Eclipse impressed gamers and history buffs alike with their release of Atari 50, an immersive journey through Atari’s extensive legacy. Described as a blend of an interactive documentary and a virtual museum exhibition, it set a new standard for retro game collections. Now, Digital Eclipse is taking on a new project: Karateka, the game created by Jordan Mechner before his iconic Prince of Persia.

Digital Eclipse’s latest endeavor, titled “The Making of Karateka,” follows a similar format to Atari 50 but focuses specifically on the game Karateka. This exploration includes pixel-perfect versions of the original Karateka releases, early playable prototypes, design documents, and documentary-style video features. Additionally, a remastered version of the action game has been created. Jordan Mechner, the original creator, expressed his astonishment at the comprehensive nature of this project, stating on his personal blog, “What they’ve built around my 1984 kicking-punching debut is so much more than a game remaster; I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it.”

But this is just the beginning. Digital Eclipse has announced that The Making of Karateka is the first installment in their new collection called the “Gold Master Series.” The studio plans to apply the successful Atari 50 treatment to a number of influential games, giving them the recognition they deserve.

Chris Kohler, from Digital Eclipse, explained their vision for the series in a post on the company’s website. He stated, “The Gold Master Series is something we’ve been planning for a long time here at Digital Eclipse – independently-produced projects that celebrate key designers, studios, and games that changed the world. Our mission is to elevate these games, presenting them in their best possible light while putting them in their proper historical context, an approach we’ve dubbed the ‘interactive documentary.'”

Considering the impact Karateka had on the action game genre, it serves as the perfect starting point for this ambitious project. While The Making of Karateka currently lacks a specific release date, it is expected to launch this year on various platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

In their dedication to preserving gaming history and telling the stories behind influential titles, Digital Eclipse has hit the mark once again with The Making of Karateka. This interactive documentary promises to provide an engaging and enlightening experience for both gamers and enthusiasts of gaming history. Stay tuned for this groundbreaking release that shines a light on the evolution of one of gaming’s most influential classics.


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