Le Super Pocket est une mignonne console portable rétro qui est disponible dans les versions Capcom et Taito.

# The Evercade Team Introduces the Super Pocket Handheld Console

The team responsible for the popular Evercade retro gaming hardware is back with an exciting new addition to their lineup – the Super Pocket. This adorable handheld console is incredibly compact, measuring just 78mm x 125mm x 25mm, and comes with a relatively low price tag. Depending on your region, it can be purchased for £49, $59, or €59.

Upon its release, the Super Pocket will be available in two versions: the Capcom edition and the Taito edition. The Capcom version includes 12 built-in games, such as the iconic titles “Street Fighter II’ Turbo: Hyper Fighting,” “Final Fight,” “1942,” and “Mega Man.” On the other hand, the Taito edition offers 17 games, including classics like “Space Invaders,” “Elevator Action,” and “Bubble Bobble.” Each version features its own unique color scheme, adding to the charm and personalization of the device.

In addition to the pre-installed games, the Super Pocket also features a cartridge slot that is compatible with game carts from the Evercade handheld and home console. This allows gamers to expand their collection and enjoy a wide range of titles from different eras of gaming history.

Let’s take a look at the specifications of the Super Pocket. The handheld includes start, select, and menu buttons, as well as four face and four rear buttons, providing users with multiple control options. It also features a responsive D-pad and a 320 x 280 IPS screen for a crisp and clear gaming experience. Additionally, the device boasts a headphone jack for immersive audio and conveniently charges via USB-C. For those who may struggle with certain games, the Super Pocket includes a built-in easy mode to lower the difficulty level and enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Excitingly, preorders for the Super Pocket will begin on July 14th, with shipping expected to commence in October. This gives gamers ample time to secure their own handheld console and be among the first to enjoy its nostalgic gaming content.

In conclusion, the Evercade team has once again delivered an impressive gaming device with the introduction of the Super Pocket handheld console. Its compact size, affordable price, and diverse range of built-in games make it an enticing option for both retro gaming enthusiasts and newcomers to the gaming world. With the ability to expand the gaming library through compatible cartridges, the Super Pocket offers endless hours of entertainment and brings back the joy of classic gaming in a modern and portable format.

Image: Blaze Entertainment and Image: Blaze Entertainment
Sources: GameSpot, Engadget

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