Corsair fait l’acquisition de Drop, spécialiste des claviers mécaniques.


**In a recent development, Corsair announced its acquisition of Drop, an online retailer known for its mechanical keyboards and keyboard accessories.** The deal, although it only includes “certain assets” from Drop, marks a significant step for both companies. Drop’s CEO, Jef Holove, summed it up by stating, “Drop has been acquired by Corsair.”

**Although the exact details of the acquisition were not disclosed, Corsair’s press release focuses on Drop’s custom keyboards business and desktop accessories.** According to Corsair CEO Andy Paul, personalized keyboards that can be modified by consumers are one of the fastest-growing trends in the gaming peripheral space. With Drop being one of the leaders in this sector, Corsair expects to significantly expand the Drop brand worldwide. Additionally, Corsair plans to offer specialized Corsair and Elgato products to the enthusiast community that Drop is engaged with.

**Formerly known as Massdrop, Drop is renowned for its range of keyboard components, including custom-designed keycaps and switches.** Over the years, Drop has collaborated with various keycap designers in the mechanical keyboard community to produce and sell their designs. They have also released licensed designs based on popular franchises like “The Lord of the Rings” and “Marvel.” Drop also offers premade keyboards, often with customizable designs.

**Drop intends to continue its “enthusiast-led product development” approach even after the acquisition.** By leveraging Corsair’s worldwide sales and logistics footprint, they aim to make Drop products more widely available and accessible to their millions of fans. According to Holove, the partnership with Corsair will allow them to listen to their customers, expand their offerings, and enhance the convenience of their in-stock model.

**Corsair, already known for its wide range of mechanical keyboards, targets a different market than Drop.** While Corsair’s keyboards prioritize gaming performance, Drop’s keyboards focus more on typing feel and customization. The acquisition will enable Corsair to diversify its product portfolio and cater to a broader audience.

**Corsair intends to maintain Drop as a separate brand within the company.** The keyboard retailer will continue to handle all existing warranties, purchases, and customer support requests. This strategic decision ensures a seamless transition for current Drop customers.

– Corsair Press Release
– Massdrop Official Website (no official source provided)

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