Les créateurs de Monarch : L’héritage des monstres ne cherchent pas simplement à créer un spin-off de Godzilla.


Monster battles and breathtaking imagery have always attracted fans to the recent Godzilla movies produced by Legendary and Warner Bros. The interconnected MonsterVerse, featuring epic monster fights, is the main selling point that has captured audiences’ attention. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, the new series on Apple TV Plus, promises to offer these same attractions. It is set in the MonsterVerse, with executive producers Chris Black and Matt Fraction and director/co-executive producer Matt Shakman at the helm.

Unlike previous films like Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong, which focused on the Titans themselves, Legacy of Monsters delves into the lives of ordinary people. This deep, multigenerational exploration of the human experience within the MonsterVerse goes beyond the confines of your average kaiju disaster movie.

Chris Black, Matt Fraction, and Matt Shakman expressed the challenge of finding a balance between spectacle and character-driven drama within the context of the MonsterVerse. They aimed to carve out their own unique lane and create a series that would add depth to the existing MonsterVerse mythology. The focus would be on a family discovering secrets and navigating a world where monsters are a reality.

Rather than a spinoff, the creators of Legacy of Monsters sought to build a standalone series that inhabits the world of the MonsterVerse. This led them to explore the aftermath of monster battles and the impact on ordinary people. The focus shifted from the spectacle of monster fights to the human response to living in a world of Titans.

The series uses the premise of a parallel event, G-Day, as an allegory for how segments of the real-world public responded to COVID-19, providing a reflection of our society. The portrayal of personal loss and betrayal mirrors real-life emotional struggles. The allegorical adaptability of Godzilla as a character allows the series to explore a wide range of real-world issues through its human characters.

In a lighthearted moment, the creators discussed which Titan they would choose to meet their end, aside from Godzilla. This highlights the underlying fascination with the monsters in the MonsterVerse and how they are woven into the fabric of Legacy of Monsters.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters opens up a new dimension for the MonsterVerse, offering a rich and emotional portrayal of the human experience in a world inhabited by giant monsters.

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– Interviews with Chris Black, Matt Fraction, and Matt Shakman on the creation of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

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