Le concert d’Eminem dans Fortnite a donné un aperçu du futur du jeu

# Epic’s Latest Virtual Concert in Fortnite with Eminem

Epic’s most recent virtual concert in Fortnite featuring Eminem was not just a performance, but also a teaser for upcoming experiences in the game. The concert took players through various portals, including an island with Lego characters, a futuristic race, and a performance by Eminem himself.

# Virtual Performance by Eminem

During Eminem’s performance of “Lose Yourself,” players had to hit notes in time with the music, similar to the gameplay in Guitar Hero. Additionally, a gigantic Eminem appeared and performed “Godzilla” as a kaiju in a ruined city on fire, even breathing fire into the air at one point.

# Fortnite’s Creative Mode Expansion

With Epic’s recent focus on expanding Fortnite’s creative mode, the concert was designed to reveal upcoming experiences in the game that go beyond traditional battle royale gameplay. The goal is to transform Fortnite into more of a platform than just a game, similar to Minecraft or Roblox.

# Chapter 5 Launch and Future Concerts

Chapter 5 is expected to launch on Sunday, and for those who missed The Big Bang concert, Epic announced two more showings on Saturday at 5PM and 11PM ET.

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