Pixar annonce que Turning Red, Soul et Luca sortiront au cinéma

# Disney CEO Bob Iger Discusses Monetization Strategy for Disney Plus

At the beginning of the year, Disney CEO Bob Iger expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the studio was ultimately making money from its Disney Plus projects, which, while popular, were not attracting as many subscribers as investors would like. Disney has taken steps to address this, such as airing “Ms. Marvel” on ABC to generate new advertising revenue from its streaming catalog. However, the studio’s next move is expected to have a much larger financial impact.

# Disney and Pixar Announce Theatrical Screenings for Three Films

Today, Disney and Pixar announced that “Soul,” “Turning Red,” and “Luca,” which premiered on Disney Plus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be coming to theaters in 2024. “Soul” will screen along with the short film “Burrow” beginning January 12th, “Turning Red” will start screening with the short “Kitbull” on February 9th, and “Luca” will begin screening alongside the short film “For the Birds” on March 22nd. Tickets for these “special engagement theatrical runs” will go on sale on January 2nd, 2024.

Source: Variety, The New York Times

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