Le trailer du nouveau film Netflix Atlas ressemble davantage à un film de flics que à une bande-annonce de copains.

### Netflix’s New Action Thriller “Atlas”: A Sci-Fi Buddy Cop Affair

Upon first inspection, Netflix’s upcoming action thriller “Atlas,” featuring Jennifer Lopez, appeared to be a serious film about a mech pilot battling for survival on a harsh planet. However, the latest trailer hints at a different tone, leaning more towards a sci-fi buddy cop theme with a focus on human/robot partnerships.

### Human / Robot Alliances Take Center Stage

In “Atlas,” while a malevolent machine threatens humanity’s existence, the new trailer shines a light on an AI-powered battle armor aiding Atlas Shepherd (Lopez) in her mission to save the world. Despite the charming appearance of thinking machines, Atlas remains wary of them, given the havoc caused by killer robots. It seems improbable that Atlas, unfamiliar with operating advanced battle armor, would be tasked with using it for safety.

### Unlikely Partners Join Forces

In the trailer, Atlas initially rejects collaborating with her new mobile suit, thrust together during a chaotic attack. However, after crash-landing on a perilous planet, they realize cooperation is vital for survival. Amid humor, teamwork, and heroism, “Atlas” hints at a storyline reminiscent of Warner Bros.’ “Blue Beetle,” potentially setting the stage for a predictable plot twist involving Atlas’ armor.

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