Carte rare de Magic: The Gathering bat des records avec une vente de 3 million de dollars

# Rare Magic: The Gathering Card Sold for Record $3 Million

A rare Magic: The Gathering card recently made history by selling for a whopping $3 million, setting a new record for the most expensive Magic card ever sold.

# The Legendary Black Lotus

The coveted card in question is none other than the iconic Black Lotus, a holy grail among Magic cards. Originally part of the game’s Alpha and Beta sets released in 1993, the Black Lotus is considered a collector’s dream. Despite its high value, the card is deemed unplayable in most formats due to its overwhelming power, allowing players to generate three mana of any color for free.

# The Power Nine Collection

The Black Lotus is a member of the exclusive Power Nine collection, a group of expensive and rare cards known for their game-breaking abilities. Alongside the Black Lotus, five other cards offer similar mana-generating abilities, while three blue mana cards are notorious for their restrictive gameplay. Although the Power Nine cards are largely unplayable, they remain highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

# A Pristine $3 Million Black Lotus

The $3 million Black Lotus that shattered records was meticulously graded by CGC Cards, receiving a perfect 10 rating for its pristine condition. This particular card stands out as the highest quality Black Lotus ever sold, with lesser-quality versions fetching mid-six figure prices in the past.

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