• GPT-4o: OpenAI’s latest voice assistant demo has left us torn between delight and creepiness.
  • ChatGPT for Mac: A unique desktop AI chat app that allows screen sharing for quick AI assistance.
  • Historical AI & Rewriting the Past on TikTok: Exploring the fun and messy world of AI-generated historical stories.
  • Lego Barad-dûr: Dive into a 5471-piece Lego set for an epic Lord of the Rings experience.
  • Google’s "Web" filter: Rediscover the simplicity of web search with Google’s new filter option.
  • "I Started a New Business. It Didn’t Go Well…": A candid video by Ali Abdaal on the challenges of building products.
  • Setapp Mobile: A subscription service providing access to a variety of Mac and iOS apps, now with a mobile version.
  • The Dyson WashG1: A high-end mop that promises a unique cleaning experience.
  • Hello, Dot: A new game designed for the Meta Quest, offering a great mixed reality tech demo.
  • RetroArch: The latest emulator app for iOS, supporting a wide range of consoles and games.


Bebop: A clever note-taking app designed for quick capture and integration with other tools like Obsidian. Created by Jack Cheng, acclaimed author and newsletter writer.

Jack’s Homescreen:

  • Wallpaper: Partner’s photo at the Detroit Institute of Arts.
  • Apps: Photos, Gmail, Arc, Phone, Messages, Bebop, Blackmagic Camera.
  • Lock Screen Widgets: Fantastical, Weather, Lightroom’s camera widget.
  • Homescreen: Widgetsmith for time-blocking, with a focus on productivity.


Discover what the Installer community is into this week and share your own recommendations to be featured in future editions.

  • Old Software Rediscovery: Jasper uncovers the functionality of SequoiaView for visualizing large files.
  • Balatro and Vampire Survivors: Melody dives into gaming challenges and expansions.
  • StarCraft and Delta: Omesh explores classic games and tactile gaming experiences.
  • Walkabout Mini Golf: Matt enjoys a captivating game on Meta Quest 3.
  • Ascent App: Leo uses Ascent to manage screen time and reduce distractions.
  • Critical Role’s Beacon: Zach explores a new streaming service for fans of Critical Role.
  • Fur and Loathing Podcast: Katie delves into a fascinating podcast on furry conventions.
  • Clarkson’s Farm: Alan watches a compelling series on the complexities of farming.


Embrace the joy of rewatching favorite TV shows for comfort and relaxation. Share your own go-to rotation and recommendations for endless comedy enjoyment.

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