Ce gigantesque écran “5K” avec une fréquence de rafraîchissement de 360 Hz pourrait un jour être à vous.

# AU Optronics Unveils Impressive Gaming Display Panels

Are you a gamer searching for a sophisticated gaming display? AU Optronics has recently revealed monitor panels that are designed to meet all your gaming needs at the Touch Taiwan display trade show.

## Impressive Technical Specs

AU Optronics’ two latest monitor panels are impressive in their technical specifications. The first panel is 49 inches corner to corner and features an ultrawide aspect ratio of 32:9, a “5K” resolution, and a refresh rate of 360Hz, while the second is a 24-inch 1080p display that boasts a 540Hz refresh rate.

For the 49-inch ultrawide panel, the horizontal resolution of 5120 x 1440 and a claimed contrast ratio of 5000:1 from its VA panel, a curvature of R1000, and 95 percent coverage of the DCI P3 color space make it a go-to for RTS gamers due to the problems gamers can run into when playing many 3D games at these types of ultra-wide resolutions as explained in Sean Hollister’s review of the Odyssey G9 at The Verge.

The 540Hz panel, on the other hand, is being hailed as the world’s highest refresh rate on a monitor. According to TechPowerUp, AU Optronics’ 540Hz panel is an E-TN panel with a response time under 1ms and a peak brightness of 400 nits.

## Importance to Gamers

Even though AU Optronics isn’t a household name in the gaming monitor market, it is one of the industry’s major panel suppliers alongside LG Display. Thus, its announcements matter because they represent components that will be available in the near future for manufacturers to use.

In the future, gamers might not have to choose between having a massive ultra-wide display or an incredibly high refresh rate, as AU Optronics’ panels boast both.

## Conclusion: Making Gaming Better

AU Optronics continues to push the boundaries of gaming display technology, and these recent monitor panels are no different. With its 540Hz panel being hailed as the world’s highest refresh rate on a monitor, and the 49-inch ultrawide panel with its impressive technical specs, including refresh rates up to 360Hz, AU Optronics is a company to watch.

Gamers can look forward to sophisticated, high-performing displays that will make gaming more immersive than ever.

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